Setting Intentions

Being Intentional about Moving Through the World

Setting Intentions

The new year brings hope of a fresh start along with an opportunity to accomplish new goals. In other words, a new year with the pressure to achieve, contort and twist oneself into a new self. Do you remember the tagline New Year, New You? So, at this point I am not sure I want a new me. Sure, I want to shift and change some things, but that is not a new me. Instead, what if we practice the act of being intentional about how we move through the world each day, not just the first few weeks of a new year?

Being Intentional about Moving Through the World

Forbes Magazine polled 1,000 readers this year and 62% felt pressure to set New Year’s resolutions. On average people set at least three goals, with the top three being improved fitness, finances and mental health. According to the poll, these New Year’s resolutions only last about three months. With these stats it seems that new year’s resolutions are doomed from the start. 


This year let’s have a different plan. Creating intentions about how to live daily is a kinder way to move through the day, week, month and year. 

Setting Intentions Through Understanding Values

Setting intentions begins with understanding and being aware of what your values are.


First create a list of values. (Here is a sample list of values.)

Next identify the top five values that feel the most authentic to you.


Once you have identified your top five values the next step is to be curious about how these values show up in your day to day life. 


What makes them important to you? 

How do you see them happening in your life? 

What happens when you are not living in your values?


For example, you might identify the value of being informed. This can show up in many activities, such as reading books, studying a topic that is interesting, going to talks and lectures, making plans to find new authors or seeking out speakers. If you find you are getting sucked into things like social media or news that are no longer fulfilling your value of being informed, then a reset could be the way to go so you can start again. Try using a  Loving Kindness meditation to help you start again. 


Another example is having the value of being more mindful. This can be honored by prioritizing time to meditate daily by participating in a sitting meditation, mindful eating or walking meditation. For example, mindful eating could include putting phones away to be aware of the food you’re eating and the company present. 


Taking notice of how you feel when you are practicing your values in your day-to-day life helps identify when you are in or out of your values. 

Keep it Going

The great thing about setting intentions and checking in with your values is that you can start fresh each day. No need to wait for a new year to start over. Beginning again is as easy as starting a new day. Setting intentions will guide you to be your most authentic self, will decrease the pressure to achieve and can result in a more joyful way of living.

Final Thougts

When you are ready to start diving even deeper into your authentic self, reach out and schedule an appointment. I’m here to help you start the journey any time of year, not just January.




Whether you’re curious about finding the right therapist, booking an appointment, or if you have additional questions, I am here to help.

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