Anxiety and Depression Therapy

A pathway to healing by practicing the art of self-compassion and mindfulness for queer-identified teens, young professionals and adults

Are you here to...?

Achieve a better relationship with friends and loved ones?

Heal your anxiety, depression or

substance abuse?

Find relief from the suffering that keeps you from being free?

Hi, I'm Michelle. Let's take a walk.

I am devoted to helping you heal by engaging your inner wisdom and self-empowerment and embracing your true self, no matter where you are on your journey.


My method of therapy is slightly different. We don’t sit in a room designed to make you calm. We go for a walk because nature is the original source of grounding and relaxation.


What You Gain



Learn to trust your inner wisdom and gut. This is developed in a shame free, judgment free space that allows you to get in touch with yourself.



Let go of the heaviness and isolation of depression, the overwhelm that comes with anxiety and the disorientation from past traumas and losses. This can lead to engaging in life and learning that you are not in this alone.



Discover your true self as you are met with understanding, dignity and respect. Recovery and therapy can reveal unhealthy patterns and help guide you to a place that is currently out of reach.

"Michelle is an amazing therapist and supervisor. You will feel comfortable while working with her and will learn a wealth of knowledge. She has ultimately changed my ability to live an overall better and more balanced life."

Ruby Garcia, MSW, ASW
Associate Therapist, Norina Murphy & Associates


Whether you’re curious about finding the right therapist, booking an appointment, or if you have additional questions, I am here to help.

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