Does Meditation Make a Difference?

Meditation an antidote to stress of modern life

December 15, 2023

Meditation is described as an antidote to the stress of modern life according to the Mindfulness Awareness and Research Center (MARC) at UCLA. It can help you develop a sense of curiosity and awareness of what is happening around you and your inner self. I have heard over and over again, “I don’t meditate, it doesn’t work for me,” or “Meditation is just sitting, my mind goes wild,” or “I don’t know if it will work.” I have also heard the opposite in my office, “I finally tried meditation and it works!”  or “I started meditating a few minutes a day, and I am feeling pretty good.” 



Trying something new is overwhelming and uncomfortable at first. Meditation seems too easy to help with anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Meditation is merely coming back to the present moment over and over again. A good starting place when beginning with meditation is to have mindful moments. Some examples of these are: When you are driving, notice where your hands are when you come to a stop light. When you are brushing your teeth, notice any sounds you hear. When you drink that first sip of coffee in the morning, notice the taste and the smell.  When you take a shower in the morning, notice the water hitting your head.  Start small. Build small. When you forget, start again!

Restart, kickstart, and reset your meditation practice

  1. Set aside five minutes. Find a quiet place to sit and be still. 
  2. Take some deep breaths and find something to focus on, a number, a word, your breath moving across your lips.  If your mind starts to wander, come back to your focus and begin again.  
  3. Thank yourself for taking the time to focus on your health and wellness. 
  4. Change it up. If you usually sit for meditation try taking a walk.
  5. When you have skipped a day, or a week, or a month, give yourself a break and start again.   

Different Types of Meditation

  1. Guided Meditation -Invites you to use all of your senses while practicing this type of meditation. The MARC Center provides many different styles of guided meditation MARC Guided Meditations
  2.  MIndfulness Meditation- this type of meditation is based on being mindful as suggested above, notice when you are brushing your teeth, notice and bring your awareness to holding the steering wheel when driving. Some great apps for this are Insight timer Insight Timer, Ten Percent HappierCalm and  Headspace
  3. Mantra Meditation – this is where you repeat a calming word or phrase over and over to yourself. 
  4. Yoga- using a series of postures to being your breath in balance with your movement. Yoga with Adriene is a wonderful teacher and way to be introduced into the practice of Yoga in the safety of your own home: Yoga with Adriene.

Continue to Explore

Continue to explore what works for you. Meditation practice can change and evolve with ourselves. Learning to be curious about what your practice looks like at each phase of life is part of the practice.

The benefits each person receives from the practice of meditation will vary. Meditation is a wonderful tool for well being, however, it is never a substitute or replacement for professional medical or mental health treatment.

Final thoughts

When you are ready to explore the benefits of meditation coupled with therapy, reach out to begin your healing journey today! Call to schedule your free 15-minute consultation call.


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