Clinical Consultation and Supervision for Pre-licensed Clinicians

Providing a Solid Foundation for Your Future Career as a Licensed Therapist

Clinical consultation and supervision have long been considered fundamental parts of training and competency maintenance for mental health professionals. Clinical Consultation is a process that occurs between two mental health professionals, where one is seeking the other’s help, insight, or assistance regarding a particular matter or problem.

According to the NASW, “[Clinical] Supervision is the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee that promotes the development of responsibility, skill, knowledge, attitudes, and ethical standards in the practice of clinical social work. The priority in the supervision process is accountability for client care within the parameters and ethical standards of the social work profession” (NASW, 1994).



As a clinical consultant, I will teach you how to BE an effective therapist. It is an opportunity for you to engage with an experienced licensed clinician, separate from your supervision. Consultations can significantly enhance your clinical skills through a variety of expert training, offer a fresh perspective and deeper understanding of clinical matters and provide valuable insights and expertise for the benefit of both you and your clients. Consultation can happen while you’re gaining your hours in supervision and remember we never stop consulting!


As your consultant, I will teach you how to:

  • Discover who you are as a clinician while in the room with a client
  • Understand the importance of continued education courses

  • Transition from a graduate student to having your own caseload

  • Remember why you choose this career path

  • Move from theory (book knowledge) to putting it into practice

  • Find relief from imposter syndrome and learn how to take care of yourself

  • Affirm your knowledge and cultivate trust in your instincts

  • And more

Consultation services include:

New Graduate Support: 
New graduates often need more support than administrative supervision (large county agencies provide this). I will teach you in Clinical Consultation to develop your clinical intuition, transition from graduate student to clinician and remember why you choose this career. While I cannot be both your supervisor and consultant simultaneously, it is highly recommended you seek out this service. If your supervisor is overwhelmed and is not meeting your expectations, please contact me.

Pre-Licensed or Licensed Therapist Support:
Clinical Consultation provides a platform to discuss and gain valuable insights and expertise, enabling you to enhance your effectiveness and deliver superior clinical care.


Teaching you to be a competent and confident therapist.

Your success as a therapist relies heavily on effective supervision. As a young clinician, your supervisors often assign you a caseload of clients and expect you to know what to do with little guidance. The sheer number of clinical agencies and big mental health systems have to supervise simultaneously leads to a loss of in-depth supervision.

Through supervision, I will teach you in a non judgmental way how to enhance your abilities and confidence as a therapist to meet the needs of your client. This is achieved by weekly meetings for approximately one (1) hour in which I will review your caseload and provide feedback on your clinical skills and decision-making. I will also provide guidance and support as you navigate complex ethical and legal issues that may arise in your practice.

For more information, please contact me for an initial consultation to see if we are a good fit.

What should I expect during consultation?

Consultation can happen concurrently while you’re in supervision and it can happen after you receive your license. While I cannot be both your supervisor and consultant simultaneously, it is highly recommended you seek out this service. If your supervisor is overwhelmed and is not meeting your expectations, please contact me.

Note that consultation is not a substitute for supervision if you’re a pre-licensed therapist, however it can serve as additional training that could count towards your training hours. For licensed therapists, it provides a platform to discuss and gain valuable insights and expertise, enabling them to enhance their effectiveness and deliver superior clinical care.

How often do we meet for consultation?

Meeting options include one (1) hour bimonthly sessions for individuals or in monthly group sessions with fellow pre-licensed clinicians. Please contact me to discuss your goals and further details. **This is not in place of supervision.

How can you help me get started in my career?

My experience entering the field was confusing and lonely, and I am here to kickstart your career the right way. Under my supervision, I will teach you how to:


  • Navigate the BBS website and find other tools necessary to become licensed in your field
  • Stay in good legal and ethical standing with the board and what they require of you
  • Legally gain, keep and maintain your license
  • Protect yourself and your license as you grow and mature as a clinician
  • Gain confidence in your skill and trust your instinct as a practitioner
What are the state requirements for pre-licensed clinicians?

In the state of California, the requirements for pre-licensed therapists include completing 3,000 hours of supervised experience over 104 weeks before becoming licensed, with at least 1,500 hours of direct client contact. Additionally, pre-licensed therapists in California are required to receive ongoing supervision from a licensed mental health professional while they are accruing their clinical hours. This supervision is an integral part of their professional development and is designed to ensure that they provide high-quality care to their clients. For more information, please visit the BBS website.

Are you available virtually or in person?

Yes! I am available through virtual or in person meetings.

How much do your services cost?

I am committed to being honest and upfront when it comes to my costs.


  • Individual supervision: $100/hour per 60-minute session
  • Group consultation (one meeting per month): $75 per 90-minute session for eight months
  • Individual consultation: $100 per 60-minute session

"I HIGHLY recommend Michelle to anyone seeking supervision, consultation or guidance. She helped me grow immensely as a therapist. I still use her practical and relevant resources to this day!"

Kristy Wilson

School Psychologist, Norton Science
and Language Academy


Whether you’re curious about finding the right therapist, booking an appointment, or if you have additional questions, I am here to help.

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